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Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What choices of school do you have?

a.       Link & Learn exclusively represent several universities, colleges and

institutions. They differ for your education and cultural needs. You can choose

your desired city and country or area and leave it with us.

2.       .What kind of accommodation does the school offer?

a.       There are choices of home stay, dormitory and apartment. Depending on

your preferences. We also include the prices of the accommodations.

3.       How much is the school fee?

a.       It varies for each school and course. The detailed fee of the course/class

will be provided for your choice of school.

4.       Will there be any fee for your services?

a.       Yes, we have a fee for our services. When we give advice; we use our

expertise, experience, knowledge and time.

5.       When do I have to pay your service fee and how?

a.       We send two invoices. One for at the beginning of our services and the

second one is when the completion, they all include %20 VAT. You can pay by;

online, cheque, bank transfer. Whichever way is easy for you.

6.       Do you only provide summer courses for teenagers?

a.       We provide many courses for all age groups from teenagers to adults by

50+ and older. You never stop learning.

7.       Can I improve my existing English? When and how long?

a.       Of course you can. We find the courses that matches on your time table

and as long as you wish for.

8.       Do I need Visa?

a.       Yes, you may need a visa depending on your nationality and your chosen

country to study. This will most likely be a student visa and it will cover the

duration of your study and of course you will need a valid up to date passport

to apply for it.

9.       Is it possible to have a part- time job?

a.       For countries like UK, Germany, Canada you are allowed to have a part-

time job but within the restricted hours (referring to last regulation, around 20

hours a week)

10.   Does the Link & Learn can take care our ticket booking?

a.        We do not provide ticket booking, however we have our link with travel

agents that may offer us their best deals.

11.   Is there any airport pick up service?

a.           Almost every school provide this service. You just need to let the

counsellor know that you want this service and they will arrange it for you. Some

school does not charge anything but some does.

12.   Is it possible to take extra course or school while we are already enrolled in

one school?

a.       Of course, if you think you need to take an extra course, for example

English course or other, at a different school, you are able to do it and we will be

happy to help.

13.   Do you assist on boarding schools for my young son?

a.       Yes, we certainly assist Boarding schools all around the UK and the Globe.

WE can help your choosing the rights school for your son/daughter according to

their abilities and interest areas.

14.   What if my daughter doesn’t like the boarding school?

a.       At first when you choose your alternative school we suggest you and your

daughter/son come along before to make a visit to school to understanding the

area and style of the school. If you wish we can arrange a meeting with

Headmaster to show us around. Also, the more we learn more about your child

the more we can help. So our Questionnaire designed just for this purpose.

15.   When we need to apply boarding schools?

a.       When you have all the criteria you can apply which we assist you all the

way the early you apply you will have chance to be accepted. Depends all schools

application time.

16.   My daughter wants to study Drama in England, can you help us?

a.       Of course we can, as we have all the information for your child to make a

right application to be accepted as we go along during our services.

17.   I am 64 years old and I want to learn French in Paris is it possible?

a.       Definitely, we can help you and you can start learning a new language

wherever you wish for. Just send us an email or call us.

18.   I want to learn the cultures, can you assist me?

a.       Yes we can. As you know we are not a travel agent our cultural

programmes based on related countries language so if you have at least lower

intermediate level of the language we certainly can help you.

19. Scholarships and bursaries?

a. Please contact us for your request. Some institutions have special

programmes so we can advise you on.

20.   How can I apply University in the UK?

a.       You can apply by UCAS. It is one of our services as we help you all process

of application by the help of our trained staff.

21.   What if I request something is not on your service list?

a.        Sure you can. We can discuss of what your extra service requires then with

an extra fee we can help your request.

22.   Why do I need you I can find everything I find from Google?

a.       Sure you can find anything from Google as we all do. However when you

choose us, you will gain time and you do not need to deal every single people,

letter, application process. So you will sit back and enjoy your future.

Contact us at